2017 Jamaica Mission Trip 12

Jamaica Mission Trip 12 - Student Volunteers

Jamaica Mission 12 - Student Volunteers

Jamaica Mission Trip 12 - Student Volunteers

Bustamante Hospital for Children
Kingston, Jamaica

For 12 years in a row, an incredible medical team from Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital and from multiple hospitals around the country have traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, to perform life-saving heart surgeries for unfunded children without any charge to their families! These children would have no other chance for life without this. To date, this Mission has performed surgeries on 111 patients!! This is our 2nd year that we have the opportunity to join the team as Student Volunteers.

We will assist the children and their families on the days leading to their upcoming surgery, we will stay with the children on the day of surgery, and we will keep them company on their post-surgery days in the hospital.

Last year was a huge success for the mission and for our Student Volunteers.

This year, we once again have the opportunity to make a difference for these children! We are excited for this adventure!!

Student Volunteers - $1200 Goal Each

The Student Volunteers are trying to raise $1200, each student, and are asking for ANY gift amount (no gift is too big or too small) to assist with their mission trip. All gifts are completely tax deductible.

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Thank you for taking the time to help and allowing us to make an impact on others!